Here’s Your Opportunity to Have the Competitive Advantage over EVERY Other Trainer and Coach in Your Area

Dear Fellow Fitness Professional and Coach,

In the next few short minutes you’ll discover how you can gain a competitive advantage over every other trainer and coach in your area helping your clients lose more fat, build more muscle and become better athletes by using one of the most popular training tools on the planet today!

Over the past few years we’ve seen a number of training tools enjoy their moment in the sun.  Some have merit, while others are nothing more than gimmicks designed to make the creators a quick buck.  But none of these training tools can equal the combined benefits of quality flat continuously looped resistance bands. For years resistance bands were consider a nice alternative to weight training.

Not anymore!!

Today Coaches, trainers, medical professionals, athletes and fitness enthusiasts have all become attracted and very excited about the diverse benefits that resistance bands can offer.

Benefits Like:
  • Their undeniable ability to build usable “Real World” strength and power
  • Their ability to strip away unwanted body fat  by implementing high intensity metabolic strength circuits
  • Their unlimited resistance potential and the ability to train anywhere, anytime, at any intensity by anybody
  • The countless ways they can be used to dramatically impact “all aspects” of fitness and performance conditioning not just strength
  •  A unique form of resistance and assistance that safely speeds up injury rehabilitation and yet can make the best athletes better
Dave Schmitz Resistance Band Training

Plus, compared to virtually all other training tools, resistance bands are incredibly inexpensive, conveniently portable, and are not age or gender specific.

Which Would You Prefer To Carry Around?
Resistance Bands vs Kettlebells

It’s really no wonder, or a surprise, that they’ve become the tool of choice for everyone from leading fitness professionals and strength coaches to stay at home moms and high performance athletes.

With this growing popularity, there’s a rising demand for trainers and coaches to become educated and skilled on how to safely implement resistance bands.  However to date all they have been provided is a mish mash of exercises that do not follow any logical or proven methodology or progression.

It’s time to change that!!

Starting today you now have access to the only Resistance Band Certification program available in the world that will provide you as a fitness professional or coach with the depth of knowledge and the breadth of skills necessary to maximize the power of resistance band training.

The Band Man is simply an infectious burst of energy and passion that all fitness professionals need in their lives  He's also world class...  World Class Coaching World Class Motivation World Class Programming If you want to have the rare chance of learning from someone who is the best in the world at what they do, Dave is your man.  Schmitty is the real deal when it comes to everything you'll ever need to know about resistance band training.  He eats, sleeps, and rumor has it, even procreates with bands.  It's a level of authenticity rarely seen in any industry, especially in fitness. Frankly, he's a great friend of mine and my go to RBT resource- and he ought to be yours!!  Crank it!  BJ  Gaddour

Dave's Resistance Band Training Certification  literally changed my life!!  When I went through it, I had just left my very high paying personal training management career to start my own business.  I had been following Dave on for several months and knew that I wanted to use his resistance bands as the staple tool in my training programs.  However, even with over a decade of professional training experience my use of bands had been limited.  But, because of my educational background, the biomechanics of resistance band training (the way Dave taught it) just made so much sense to me.  I was compelled to take my knowledge to the next level. That's when Dave offered his first Resistance Band Training Certification.  I immediately signed up, and my training and my training business have never been better! Dave Schmitz truly is "The Band Man."  There is simply nobody in the fitness industry that understands or teaches resistance band training better than him.  I feel truly fortunate to have discovered Dave, his website and his certification when I did.   If you want to be the very best personal trainer and fitness business owner, you simply have to get the Resistance Band Training Certification.  HAVE FAITH & TAKE ACTION! Justin Yule,


Introducing the “First” and “Only” Resistance Band Training Certification designed to make YOU a “Band Training Specialist” by empowering you with the teaching and training to create a Competitive Band Advantage while in the process getting Your Own Game Back!!

I know how frustrating it can be to have to sift through all of the information out there and decide what works and what doesn’t when it comes to training with bands. It’s confusing and almost always leads to developing less than optimal results or programs.  What do you expect when to date bands were considered a nice “change of pace” or “a convenient alternative” to real weight-training.

As a result, most so called band users never come close to understand or maximizing their real potential.

But it’s not your fault.

In 1996 I was probably just like you, trying to figure out why, how and when.   Trust me, it’s not your fault if all you have been given to date was a bunch of fun looking band exercises and left by yourself to figure out how not to hurt yourself or your clients while performing them.   Heck, for about a year or so while first learning, I really wasn’t sure if I was getting any benefit from hours of training with band, until one day it all started to come together.  Since then the momentum has continued to exploding forward and I know it will be the same for you once you just have someone provide you the blueprint.   There is no better feeling than your athletes and clients getting better in literally days, as a result of YOUR new band knowledge and skill.

It’s what I mean when I say “Getting BETTER with BANDS”!!


Legacy of THE BAND MAN

Over the past decade I’ve become known as the ‘Band Man’ due to my relentless study and use of bands to improve the performance of the athletes I’ve coached, enhance the results of the clients I’ve trained and accelerate the recovery of the patients I’ve worked with as a Physical Therapist

During this time I’ve probably worked with resistance bands more than any other professional on the planet and through volumes of research and my own trial and error, I’ve developed the premier resistance band training “system” available today.   I know I wasn’t the first guy to use bands but I am pretty sure I am the first to lay it out so you can now start building your own band legacy.

It’s time to share my proven Resistance Band Training System with YOU and make sure you get your Band Training Advantage

Once you have completed the Resistance Band Training Certification YOU will have…

  • Mastered the fundamentals of training with bands so you can dramatically accelerate your clients functional results
  • Enhanced your teaching skills on dozens of powerful band exercises so you can fine tune your clients training approach and movement skills no matter if you’re training 1 on 1, semi-private or in a boot camp of 50.
  • Gained a tool box full of beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises that will empower you to design programs that will deliver maximum “never   seen or felt” results in a minimum time for ALL of your clients.
  • Learned difference between training with bands versus just using bands
  • Discovered how to safely integrate bands into your program design regardless what tools you presently use 
  • Received a complete understanding of how to set up bands to support any program design you use and not force you to reinvent the wheel  
  • The ability to choose the best band for your training goals and facility while providing professionally based recommendations for your clients
  • The knowledge to create band training progressions and regressions instantly without having to change bands
  • The acute insight on how to avoid the hundreds of mistakes that trainers and coaches make when using bands
  • The understanding of how bands compare to free weights and why they are no longer an “alternative” but a “necessity” to getting better
  • Received the equivalent of a Master’s Degree in Band Training and Program Design for any training environment
  • Discovered how to supercharge your clients’ mobility and flexibility while eliminating nagging injuries by implementing a band flexibility program
  • Received detailed, thorough and clear instructional templates and done-for-you guides and workouts to make learning easier


This Certification isn’t just theory or unproven ideas – it’s practical “hands on” information that you will be applying with your clients, athletes and patients the next day

I promise you:

  • There is NO other professional resistance band credentialing like this available today.
  • There is NO other certification that teaches you EXACTLY how to use a flat layered continuous looped resistance bands to get your clients and athletes fast results
  • There is NO Band Certification that covers everything from A to Z in a super easy to follow along format
  • And There is NO other band certification that literally holds YOUR hand through the entire process to ensure your success


It’s Not the Bands…. It’s the Man behind the Bands  Dave, I've been using your resistance bands for the past three years in my corporate and community boot camps and personal training sessions.  First, let me tell you how much I appreciate the quality and durability of your bands.  I've tried others and they don't even come close to your product.   My trainers work with athletes and non-athletes of various ages and physical abilities.   Every group we train uses your  bands, either for strength, speed, or balance training.   From a business owner, it’s great to have one tool that can accomplish so much.  I also appreciate your teaching videos and RBT Live Newsletter Blog which provides fitness professionals, like me, the opportunity to interact and learn from you on a weekly basis.  Whether you're a trainer, athlete, or fitness enthusiast, I highly recommend your reactive resistance band training system.  It truly does get powerful results!  Greg JusticeNo one knows bands like “THE BAND MAN” If I was forced to recommend one training tool to athletes or fitness enthusiasts it would be a resistance band – period.  No other tool is as affordable or as versatile as a band.  And as far as bands go, no one on the planet knows more about them than “The Band Man” Dave Schmitz David Jack
The Most Complete Resistance Band Training and Teaching Resource
Available Today

In case you had any doubt on how comprehensive this Resistance Band Training Certification is, here is the table of contents, taken directly from YOUR 200 plus page Certification Manual:

Table of Contents
Preface and Acknowledgements
Certification Objectives and Goals
How to Best Compete this Level I Certification 
Bandology 101
Characteristics of Functional Movement
3 Rules of Function
How Resistance Band Training Impacts Function
Band Training vs. Dead Weight
A Band Is Not Just a Band
Real World Benefits of Resistance Band Training 
Bands and Accessories
Standard Bands
Specialty Bands
Training Hurdles
Band Utility Straps
Choosing the Correct Bands
How to Modify Band Resistance 
Resistance Band Training and Program Design
General Training Guidelines
Most Common Resistance Band Training Mistakes 
Band Set-Up Options
Linking Bands
Hip Attachment
Grip Free Attachment 
Attachment-Free Training
Single Band Bilateral
Double Band Bilateral
Single Band Unilateral
Behind the Back
Rack Position
Crossover Step
Single Band with Hurdles 
Band-Attached Training
Vertical Bar
Band Strap Utility 
Dynamic Stretching and Mobilization
Why Are We Tight?How To Implement Band Flexibility Training

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

Additional Stretching Options

Active Assisted






Program Design
Active Assisted – Active – Resisted
Stationary – Mobility – Integrated
Multiple Planes of Movement
Base of Support
Upper Body Movements
Changing Exercise Tempo
Workout Design Formats
Determining Sets and Reps 
Resistance Band Training Exercise Index
How to Use the Exercise Index
Trunk Activation
Hip Activation
Scapular Activation 
Attachment-Free Strength Training Exercises
Upper Torso
Lower Torso
1 Band – 2 Handles
Crossover Step 
Band-Attached Strength Training Exercises
Upper Torso
Lower Torso
Locomotion Training 
Partner Band Strength Training Exercises
Partner Band Guidelines for Group Training
Partner Holding and Set-up Options
How to Implement Attached Partner Training
partner Band Program Options 
Setting Up Your Own Band Workouts
Automating Your Workouts
Creating Your Own Workouts 
Workout Templates
Done-For-You Workouts
Band Questionnaire
Dave’s Bio 

Plus, you’ll also be receiving 7 Comprehensive Training DVDs that will teach you the mechanics of effective training and programming with bands. Together with your Resistance Band Training Certification Manual, you will have the most comprehensive band training educational resource ever created…and a distinct competitive advantage over your competition.

Resistance Band Training Certification
Learning is Always Easier In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

As much as I would like to personally teach you at a Live Event, it is not practical and frankly costs too much.   Therefore this entire certification will be ship directly to your mailbox.

NO Planes, No Waiting in Airports, No Rental Cars, No Hotels, No Schedule changes, No worries.

All you need to do once you receive all the resource information for this “Home” Certification is sit down, get comfortable and start “Getting Better with Bands


It Took Me YEARS To Learn What YOU Will Now Do In Weeks

I can’t wait for you to get started learning, however it does come with some risk but fortunately I have a solution for that as well.

I’m so convinced that this is the standard bearer and benchmark for resistance band training education and training that, I’m going to offer you a full year to try it out with zero risk…

Satisfaction Guaranteed
So if you’re serious about helping your clients reach their goals utilizing the most versatile training tool on the planet, you simply must get started learning and earning your Resistance Band Credentials Today…..or Risk falling behind the competition.

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If you don’t agree that this Certification is all that I’ve said it is, you can send it back for a full refund.  No questions asked.

If you’re ready to gain the competitive band advantage over every other trainer and coach in your area, and you’re serious about dramatically improving your clients and athletes results – then I strongly recommend you take advantage of this limited-time opportunity today by clicking on the link below.

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Getting Better with Bands,

Dave Schmitz Resistance Band Training for Young Athletes

Dave Schmitz
Founder and CEO – Resistance Band Training Systems


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